Car Insurance For One

Can you use one day car insurance to get a car out of a police pound?

No, but you CAN get get it out with a 30 day policy, the minimum the law allows.

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Car impounded? You'll need insurance. When you collect a car from a police pound you will have to show that the person who is collecting it is properly insured to do so. If that person is someone other than you than he/she will have to show evidence that you have given your permission; the only way to be sure of doing this with to arrive there yourself along with proof of your identity such as a passport or a current driving licence with a photograph. If it is not possible to present a an insurance certificate which covers the vehicle in question it would probably be acceptable for the car to be taken away on a low loader provided of course that the driver could show a relevant insurance certificate for that vehicle. Many drivers have insurance policies which cover them for risks on other cars that they do not own but it is almost invariably the case that getting a car out of a pound is specifically excluded.

Temporary car insurance policies (ie, 1-28 day policies) are not acceptable for recovering an impounded car but there are other alternatives. Some thirty day policies are accepted and by ringing Alternative Insurance Brokers (who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) you can be sure than any policy you buy will be fit for purpose. You may instead wish to buy a proper yearly policy. These are not easy to come by because insurance companies tend to fight shy of insuring people whose cars have been seized by the police so there is no point trying to buy a policy via an online price comparison site and you will probably need to talk to a specialist broker. Again, Alternative Insurance Brokers will be able to get quotes for you to compare.

When you collect the car don't forget to go to the address stated on the seizure notice, take the seizure notice itself, proof of your identity such as a photo driving licence, proof you own the car (the logbook is the usual thing), your certificate of insurance and either cash or a credit card to pay the towing and daily charges. If you are not sure where it is ring the Towed Vehicle Tracking Service on 0845 206 8602.

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